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In Timepress we help you to automate your business and administrative processes and thus save you time and money. Our own processes result in 1/2 costs in comparison to average prices in IT industry.

Custom systems

We develop custom tailored information systems in agile way, which results in extremely effective tools, highly appreciated by our clients from all kinds of industries including energetics, precision machinery, finance or real estate management.

Modern technologies

We use modern www technologies to create robust and clean solutions accessible by our customers all around the world through standard www browser or mobile devices, which serve our customers for years and years.

  We DO ...

  • work with people who know how to make business and need somebody who knows how to build it
  • bridge modern technologies to create unprecedented solutions
  • use productive tools and methodologies to achieve more for less
  • create systems which last years and years
  • consider security as an important aspect of our work

  We DON'T ...

  • create work for work sake
  • sink money on unnecessary things
  • offer something we wouldn't accept ourselves
  • waste our time on useless projects
  • care about narrow minded personal agendas
  • spend our time on lengthy www presentation when this one already said everything important